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Passion for 'everything vintage' drives us, to provide you with high-quality, beautiful products that will bring a piece of history into your life.

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While exploring our gallery, you will be drawn to the intricate wood carvings, evidence of exquisite craftsmanship and design of our solid wood furniture in its original well-preserved finish, exhibiting beautiful patina that echos its age. We offer a variety of items, ready to bring vintage right to your office, bedroom, kitchen or any other living area. 

antique furniture dubai

mid-century modern

Twentieth-century furniture production provided us with eclectic statement pieces that epitomized functionality, sleek lines and gentle curves for an understated groovy look. We continue to keep the style alive by providing pieces with flair and character in modern styles and colors that transport you back to the heyday of Elvis, Sinatra, and Monroe.



We provide refinished shabby chic and cottage style furniture for those who appreciate period pieces with a touch of country charm. These stunning treasures are sure to be conversation pieces, combining rustic beauty and soft colors, florals, and distressing techniques to infuse French provincial chic into your interior designs.



For those who are interested in eccentric designs with a relaxed, sometimes quirky feel, we have reimagined the traditional. Adding a surprising combination of bold colors, hippie-feel, and Victorian charm to our vintage furniture and accessories, we have created a unique bohemian collection, with surprising elements to keep you discovering.


Creating warm and welcoming spaces requires attention to detail and a well-curated mix of accessories that express your unique style and individuality. Choose from our hand-picked collection of elegant vintage advertising, prints, frames, lamps, cushions, and other specialty items to complement any theme, while creating the perfect ambiance for serene and stylish living.



Wall art brings the color palette of a room to life, defines the space, influences our mood, but most importantly, says something about its owner. For this reason, Zinjaar Vintage offers a great selection of original paintings and distinctive artwork by talented artists from the MENA region and across the globe, to give you the opportunity to select the most suitable artwork for your home or work environment.

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