contemporary artist's work from the MENA region 



Born in Egypt, Helmi El-Touni is considered one of the Arab World's most prominent illustrators.


He strove to develop a true Arabic style of illustration, by marrying old lettering techniques, Islamic and pre-Islamic symbolism, popular culture, and a modernist-style of painting.


El-Touni has received several national and international awards including the Leipzig Book Fair Award, the Beirut Arabic Book Fair Award, Cairo International Book Fair Award, the Bologna Ragazzi New Horizons Award, among many others.

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Britt Boutros Ghali is an award-winning Norwegian-born artist who has spent the last 40 years in Egypt. Her studio is a flatboat on the Nile, which serves as a place of abundance. A place, not only for local artists to meet up but also for people who travel from far to see and collect her work. Her time in Egypt's rich, colorful, and exotic culture, has greatly influenced her work. 

Britt has exhibited internationally throughout her career. In 1996, Britt was awarded the Saint Olav's Order, the highest Norwegian honor, given to artists, by King Haakon of Norway, for promoting Norway through her art.

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