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Kabale, Atelier Creation & Workshop was officially founded in 2003 in Dubai, after the founder and head designer, Aline Abtour Saad launched the Middle East's most original and successful chain of coffee-restaurants, Shakespeare & Co. With the growing demand for the new niche designs, Aline, along with her partner Miryam Hammad opened Kabale's doors to customers around the UAE.

Inspired by vintage, bohemian and Victorian flair, Kabale's work is intricate, unique and playful, in both style and quality. They create statement pieces that reveal new details every day.


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Rabab Tantawy is a Dubai-based artist focused on sustaining Egyptian and African heritage art, and the Hamsa that represents blessings, power, and strength and is believed to deflect the evil eye.

Rabab’s artwork chooses to reflect happy times, connected to the brighter future that she feels will soon prevail on the continent.

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