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"I need it fixed!" ...Furniture repair by Experts in Dubai

Old is sometimes gold

Looking at your living room furniture, you realize it might not look as stunning as it did a couple of years ago. But before you decide to dump it, and splurge on a replacement, give it a proper inspection. Because we throw away 1000s of tonnes of furniture every year, and more than half of this could be revived with some minor repairs. Repairing furniture will not only save you cost but also helps to preserve the environment. Think of the number of trees we can save by upcycling our existing furniture instead of purchasing a new one. (More on sustainability later.)

Furniture repair with expert skills

Once you have decided to save your beloved furniture or home decor item, our highly-skilled carpenters will get to work to restore your piece into its former glory or redesign it entirely to your liking. From furniture stripping to professional furniture scratch repair, repolishing, wood staining, to artistic painting methods, and fully custom made furniture manufacturing, our handymen and artisans will work to complete the project with utmost attention to detail and efficient time management.

Whether it's refinishing chairs or repairing a coffee table, we will make sure to handle your possessions with the utmost care. We specialize in antique furniture and vintage furniture restoration, so you can be confident that your precious belongings will be in caring hands.

No matter if you own a contemporary cabinet or an 1820s bedroom set, our workshop team is prepared with the required knowledge, tools, and techniques to provide you with high-quality results. And after the makeover, you will be glad that you have given your worn-down furniture a second chance.

All-around service

Do you need to replace the drawer handles? How about your armchair's upholstery? Has your dining table's stain faded over time? We provide a full service, including upholstery, hardware replacement, structural reinforcement, mirror and glass replacement, and other services that you may require for your furnishings.

Make it from scratch

Finding the right piece of furniture can be sometimes more challenging we than we think. We have all been there: after visiting IKEA, Home Center, Marina Home, 2XL Furniture, and many others, we are starting to give up finding the right piece. As every home and homeowner is different, ready-made furniture can not always satisfy their needs by matching every requirement, including size, style, and yes, the price.When the right item does not come along, custom-made furniture is the way to go.

Have a free consultation with our workshop team and design experts, and bring your imagination into life, by having your perfect piece of furniture manufactured, suited entirely to your requirements.

How does it work

To start your repair or customization project, get in touch with us today, and we will reach out to you for a consultation. After a detailed discussion, we will provide you with a 'scope of works' and a price quote for your reference. All we need is your approval to start the job. We offer disassembly, pick-up, delivery, and assembly services, so you don't have to get messy. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new (or new again) furniture!

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