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Welcome to Zinjaar Vintage!

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Like many other businesses, Zinjaar Vintage has started as a passion for something unique.

A passion for vintage furniture.

The mix of love for vintage items, a creative drive, and a vision to make quality vintage furnishings accessible in the United Arab Emirates has created our gallery and workshop. Here you can browse through original vintage furniture, home decor items, and a wide variety of artwork, or have your existing furniture restored an repaired. Each piece has its own story to be told. Something unique to offer that keeps you rediscovering them again and again, even long after you have taken them home.


Our vintage furniture collection, along with some antique pieces, is sourced from around the world, mainly the United States and Europe. Our expert selects each piece after inspecting its condition and historical value. After arriving at our workshop, its time for our skilled artisans to breathe new life into them to resurface their long-forgotten beauty. Firstly our carpenter completes all necessary structural repair, and then the refinishing work begins at the paint booth. By using different finishing techniques and media, each furniture gets a face-lift or a complete makeover. Some cabinets become bright yellow or red, while others get re-staining treatment to help them showcase their beautiful wood grain and color. The mix of styles adds up to a truly eclectic collection, a feast for the eye.

The Originals Collection consists of items in their original finish, allowing the intricate wood carvings to take the spotlight, and highlight the well-preserved condition of the pieces.

Soft colors, distressed look, and a touch of French country charm describe our Shabby-Chic Collection, for the lovers of the floral and romantic style.

On the other side of the design range, we produce a Bohemian Collection, by using bold colors in surprising combinations. You can undoubtedly discover a charming odd piece of furniture in our gallery, to be the new showstopper in your home.

When it comes to sleek design, none has done it better than the Mid-Century Modern furniture production with soft curves, geometric patterns, and bright colors. The highlights of this collection are the striking armchairs, in red, turquoise, and other colorful upholstery.

Home Decor and Lighting

To complement our furniture, browse from a wide range of original vintage home decor and lighting, ranging from vintage prints, china, iconic movie posters, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers and more.

In addition to our authentic vintage collection, we also carry contemporary-made capsule collections from talented designers. These include quirky cushion covers from RetroLane UAE, Victorian-Chic accessories from Kabale, handmade rugs from Yadawy and hand-painted ceramics from Rabab Tantawy.


No interior is complete without art. It brings everything to life and provides a space for the eyes and soul to rest from the hustles of our everyday life. As a gallery, we proud ourselves in our art collection, featuring many famous and yet to be discovered artists alike. Some of the renowned names include Britt Boutross Ghali and Helmi El-Touni. We always welcome new talent and vintage artworks alike, to ensure that you find a piece that you admire.


Consumerism is pushing us daily to buy new items, and the good-old-way of repair, refurbishing, and up-cycling has faded. Thankfully, our society is becoming more conscious about our impact on the environment, and up-cycling and restoration of our existing items have become a trend again. Allowing us, consumers, to save money and reduce our carbon footprint, and opening doors to our creativity by enabling us to redesign our beloved possessions into something new.

At Zinjaar, we provide all furniture and home decor restoration services, including, furniture repair, refurbishment, repainting, upholstery, up-cycling, and full customization. Our artisans are skilled in handling vintage and antique items with the utmost care. So be it your grandma's precious rocking chair, found in the attic, or a family dining table, it will be in good hands at Zinjaar Vintage.

(For a personalized quote for your projects you can contact us here.)

Vintage is our passion, and we want to share this with you. So here we are, please enter and discover Zinjaar Vintage for yourself!

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