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The Focal Point: 3 Ways with an Odd Piece of Vintage Furniture

Nice couch, great lighting, wall color is complementing the design, good selection of home decor accessories, yet something is still missing. Have you been to one of these homes? Or perhaps you feel that your own home is lacking something? Take a look around and try to find the focal point! Yes, that's right, you can't. If you need to search for it, that means there is no focal point.

What is a focal point?

The focal point is the point of interest in your design. It's an object or group of objects in the designed space that draws your attention when you enter the room.

In tribal times, the fire was the focal point of human beings. The fire meant warmth, food, protection from predators and socializing. Once we became civilized and domesticated, so did our firepit, and it was replaced with ornate fireplaces in our home. Many homes today still have a fireplace and it usually serves as the focal point of the room. However most buildings are centrally heated (or naturally, Hi Dubai!) and we do not have a fireplace that would easily become the center of attention.

Vintage armchairs with fireplace

So instead of looking at crackling fire, we are staring down black boxes, called television. Interestingly, scientists say that television has replaced the fireplace as a focal point, as its flickering images provide similar stimulation to our brain like fire, and until the rise of smartphones and tablets, tv was the sole digital entertainment channel, utilized in almost every household.

Many designers debate whether the television should be a focal point of the room. It is most likely to have the television in the center of attention in a living room, however, it might not work in a kitchen or a bedroom, and as most interior designers will tell you, it's best to have another focal point in the room other than a black box.

How to create a focal point

A focal point can be created in many different ways. We have mentioned the television as being an option. A natural focal point can be a window in the room with a great view or an architectural feature, that will satisfy our visual craving. Unfortunately, many spaces are rather plain and require a well-thought-out design to generate visual interest.

The easiest way to create a focal point is with stunning artwork. A carefully selected painting can be a great conversation piece and using its colors in other parts of the design will create a cohesive look. The same way you can select an odd piece of furniture and create your design around it, turning it to a focal point in the space. Below we will discover 3 pieces of vintage furniture, and how they can function as a focal point even if your interior style is not vintage.

Vintage Armchair

1. The Vintage Accent Chair

Pick out a fun, colorful vintage chair and add it to your living room. If color is not your friend go for a big bold pattern instead. For a more reserved statement, mixing the vintage piece with your contemporary interior will also do the trick. Even if the rest of the furniture is different in style or color, you can connect the pieces by adding some colorful cushions to your couch (using the same colors as the accent chair) and a couple of matching accessories throughout the room.

Vintage Chandelier

2. The Vintage Chandelier

Install a unique chandelier in the space to create visual interest. A breathtaking lighting fixture will easily become the focus of attention and can elevate the design. When choosing a chandelier, always keep in mind the size of your space, most people buy chandeliers way smaller than the room, hence it disappears in the design. Go big and bold, and the effect will be stunning.

Vintage Sideboard

3. The Vintage Sideboard

Spice up a corner or wall segment in your room with a playful vintage sideboard or a vintage chest of drawers, and matching accessories for a great impact.

In design, we call these vignettes. To assemble a successful vignette, accessorize the chosen furniture piece with a variety of home decor items. If you have an empty wall space above the sideboard, decorate it with an ornate vintage mirror or a painting. Add a floor or table lamp, an indoor plant and some decor items, such as a vase, picture frame or a candleholder. Again, appropriate size and color are important to create impact.

To blend your vignette into the rest of the room, choose items that refer to already existing design elements. It can be the shape, color, size, or another feature that echoes throughout the design. Or simply ditch the rules and make a clashing statement with and odd piece of furniture! Do what feels best for your design aesthetic.

There are endless ways to combine design elements and bring a focal point to life. Look at your home decor and find the common features, is it a certain color, shape or material that you tend to purchase? Once you have the answer all you need is a complementing statement piece to bring the whole room together. You don't have to necessarily purchase new furniture, playing around with your existing home furnishings could easily do the trick and freshen up your interior.

At Zinjaar Vintage we are glad to offer free design consultation to find the best accent furniture for your home, office or commercial space.

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